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Media screen installation on Vasilyevsky Spusk
Joint work of the German engineers and Russian industrial climbers.
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About Alpina XXI Rope Access Team.

The company "Alpina" was formed in 2006. The most workers already had 3-5 years experience working in industrial rope access. Before coming to the industrial climbing they were engaged in mountaineering related sports: caving, mountaineering, rock climbing. Thus, to master the technique of working with rope, knotting, ensure safety, and other skills necessary for rope access, was not difficult for them.

By now, we have vast experience in many field of rope access, especially at repairing and installation of billboards and advertising banners. We also assist in design engineering and electrical component estimating. We can help to print banners, work out and get your project registered, deliver all needed complete equipment or the whole banner.

All our workers got trained at the specialized training centers as industrial climbers and passed the height works safety examination.

Technical and engineering education of our worker is of great help when providing works at great height, especially height advertising and constructions installation. A modern industrial climber is such a triple threat as he must be able to act for several specialists. That is why "rope access" means not the certain profession but a way of access to the workplace.

Our most interesting projects:

    High-rise construction work for installation of service at the Ostankino TV tower, the benchmark elevation 253m, 331m and 337m.
    Installation of a multimedia screen at the Vasilevsky Spusk of 200 meters, high-altitude work carried out together: rope access and several installed aerial platforms.
    Installation of the banners for the project «Penthouse», «First» - performed by our industrial climber without the involvement of special equipment.
    Installation work at height on dressing Schukinskaya garden scene "Hermitage" for 3 years for the theater "Ephedra", clubs «Penthouse», «Diaghilev».
    Production of a corrugated board installation, vapor barrier, aluminum sheets «Kalzip» on the dome of the Palace of Sports "Dynamo" in Krylatsky.
    Replacing of the burned-out light strings of decorative lighting towers GUM - industrial climbing here is organically combined with the aerial platform.
    High-altitude aerial work - installation of banners for the concert Dima Bilan in Grozny.
    Gazprom Space Systems. Replacement stickers for the parabolic antennas - method of rope access simplified the task a lot: there was no need to build the scaffolds.

Our specialists:


Dmitry - engineer, industrial climber, welder, electrician.


Alexander - industrial climber, electrician.


Danila - industrial climber, house painter.

We accept orders in Moscow, Moscow region and in Russia in whole. We don't need to take a large amount of equipment and have a special auto. If you have a complex project, there are no industrial climbers in your city and engaging a firm from Moscow will make sense, if you like our projects results and you would like to see the same results.

Always looking forward to hearing from you.