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Media screen installation on Vasilyevsky Spusk
Joint work of the German engineers and Russian industrial climbers.
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Moscow and not only.

Exterior Advertising Installation

We started our industrial climbers career with carrying out orders of different advertising and production companies, such as "Neon City", "Reko", "Dimon", "Helena". We did advertising maintenance and installations. At the moment we have a great experience in any advertising type – from usual banners to neon illuminations or light-emitting diode screens (LED-screen). We get used to work out different projects together with the producers. We have a good equipment for any works at height at our disposal.
One example of such works in Moscow is joining and filling with neon tubes the 4 meter high letters "REAL" just under the installation place with the following letters installation using a mobile elevating work platform and the skills of our industrial climbers.

Advertising Service and Maintenance.

Height works in Moscow.
Full rebuilding of roof installations with neon illumination "RosEuroBank" and "Samsung".
Rebuilding and positioning of roof installation metal frame "INDESIT" on request of "DEFI".
When making roof installations of "SAMSUNG" we couldn't put the crane "Pioneer" directly on the roof. That is why our workers readjusted the crane and got it able to work from the ground. In such way we got a crane that coud lift loads to any height (using the industrial alpinism equipment and ropes).

Height Installations with rope access

Height erection works on removing of a façade service old constructions from the Ostankino tower with the following erection of the new constructions. Changing of the old constructions mechanical drive to the electrical one and setting a suspension device with an electrical drive. The works at such height have their restrictions – it demands more attention to the equipment and safety of all the construction elements and instruments – as even a screw felt down from 330 meter height can damage heavily. Although all the industrial climbers always say that the erection height doesn't matter much.
When working on a tower one should always keep in mind the weather conditions changing every day and especially wind. As near the ground the wind can be light, and at the same time at height it can blow away a whole 500kg construction with the climbers inside it. The old constructions have been more than 40 years in work so their disassembling seemed to be possible only by means of disc grinders. But we got them unscrewed mostly, unlike the fixing of many modern constructions after their having been in use for just several years.

Banner Netting Height Erection Works in Moscow and Moscow Region

Covering of the constructional projects "MIAN" at the Garden Ring Road, Korolev terminal with construction netting and its future changing and service. The adversity here was a strong wind, which occurred because of the unfinished walls. There was no possibility to use eyelets. Only a crane or industrial climbers could do this work using a system of pulleys.

Façade Works

The Zhukovsky airdrome hangars painting for the "MAKS" show. A special innovative thermal insulating paint was used. This paint is able to replace a thick layer of other thermal insulating materials. The hangars were not high, but they had round-formed roofs. That was the reason why just the industrial climbers could reach those roofs. Such works with innovative thermal insulating paint were done for the first time in Moscow.

Inside Height Works

In Moscow we often do different finishing and decoration inside works:
- ceiling and walls insulation
- various constructions assembling
- electrical installation of stage lighting
- help to organize tricks and visual effects during shows
- we give the safety instructions to the actors how to do some tricks at height.
Such works (decoration changing for a show) we did for "Efedra" project, "Penthouse", "Dyagiev" clubs throughout their existence. Our climbers hanged the decorations and a sound system for "FIRST" and "PARADISE" clubs.
We did the seasonal sales decoration under the roofs of trading centers "RIO" in Reutov (Moscow region) and at Dmitrovskoe high road. Erection and wiring of the sound-reproducing equipment at "Olympiiskii" and "Sokolniki" sports palace.

Cross Street Banner Changing

Very interesting and specific work in Moscow at the Boulevard Ring for "FIRST" club, café "Jelsomino." There was a great amount of wires and trees under the banner and an elevated work platform couldn't be rotated. That is why our industrial climbers did this work.
Our workers fixed up an extra safety rope for the industrial climber, who fixed the banner, moving on two ropes and two safety hooks without using an elevated work platform. Several times we fixed decorating elements and even balloons, which we filled with the balloon juice right there under the erection place.

Advertising Producing and Maintenance Works

Within 5 years we have been producing, servicing, maintain outside advertising and decoration lights of "Stok-Center" store chain. We got used to make the height works easier, such as illuminated signs maintenance; we can do the works without turning of the signs for a long time. We made banners and light boxes installations as in Moscow so in Samara and Tula.

Our Industrial Climbers Work at Height and Far Away

Within many years of doing business we did the height works far from Moscow lots of times.

  • Advertising banners erection near Grozny for Dima Bilan concert. This work was very specific while we had to deliver all the possible materials and equipment we could need while the evaluation of the works was able just at place.
  • "Caro film" cinema opening in Kazan, Samara and St.Petersburg.
  • "Samolyot" club opening in Volgograd.
  • When working at the last two projects our industrial climbers had to assemble neon banners. The sets for them were delivered from Moscow. That is why any mistake or defects could make the work more complicated.
  • Height works at Belgorod airport – roof metal constructions welding.